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Myreks is a recommendation platform that rewards people for their power of influence. Becoming an influencer and winning Myreks Rekpoints is simple!


Click on the Recommend button on your favorite products of our partner stores.

Win Rekpoints

Win Myreks Rekpoints for the sales influenced by your recommendation.


Accumulate your Rekpoints in Myreks and exchange them for several options on our page.

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There are several options for exchange

Getting discounts and gift cards has never been easier. Here at Myreks you can choose between the available forms and the discount amount (which should vary according to your balance Rekpoints). After confirmation, the electronic coupon is generated and sent to your e-mail address, and then you can use it in the chosen store. Rekpoints acquired in the partner stores are cumulative, and in order to check your balance or check the exchanging options, simply access your account.

Exchange your Rekpoints for benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I do the first recommendation?

Usually the button "Recommend" is close to the value of the product, in any partner store. When you click on it, you shall allow (only at the first time) the Myreks application to receive your information, and your recommendation is done!

Where can consumers see my recommendations?

In all partner stores there is a showcase of Myreks on the homepage, and the Recommendation Club, a page with your friends’ recommendations and yours. In addition, you can share each recommendation on social networks with your friends. The more shares, the more chances you have to win Rekpoints!

What are Rekpoints?

It is the exchange currency created by Myreks. These are points that you can accumulate and exchange for benefits.

How do I win Rekpoints?

If your recommendation generates sale (s) at the partner store, you will be rewarded by Myreks with Rekpoints.

How many Rekpoints do I get for each sold product?

You will receive a number of Rekpoints that depends on the agreement we have with the partner store and the price of the product. But rest assured, we always try to give the maximum Rekpoints possible :)

How do I consult the balance of Rekpoints?

Log in with your Facebook on the exchange page and check your current balance right now.

How do I exchange my Rekpoints?

Log in with your Facebook on the exchange page and check out all the options available according to your balance.

What can I exchange my Rekpoints for?

Access the exchange page and know the options for gift certificates that many online shops have as an option of Rekpoints exchange. Check it out!