For E-commerce

We started in the Brazilian market in 2013 from the habit of recommending in the offline world. Through our platform, the user recommends products and assists in purchasing decisions of other consumers, becoming responsible for the sale, and the store as a delivery channel. When there is conversion to sale, we deliver the Rekpoints to encourage continuous recommendations, offering in the exchange of points many benefits to users.

consumers trust online banners and advertisements.
consumers trust disclosure of search results.
consumers trust opinions posted online.
consumers trust recommendations from others

source: Nielsen

Value generation

We implemented a model C2C (Consumer to Consumer) within the partner stores. Generating the following values for the e-commerce:

Curatorship guided by users

Application of a tool for curatorship of products led by recommender users, generating credibility to consumers.

Long Tail: Efficiency in the product display

Dynamic creation long tail with high conversion rate, increasing the sales efficiency of the product catalog.

Respect to the user and brands

Generation of organic leads on social networks, via non-intrusive distribution through social dynamics and without interference of the brand.

Community brand

Integration of the page with the Store Recommendation Club, without external links, and custom dynamic gamification.

Searching for results

To meet the needs of the market and achieve the objectives of our partners, we use a criteria that is fundamental in our model:


Aesthetic standard and custom look according to the store.


Implementation of Long Tail curatorship tool.


Installation is simple and based on only one line of code.


Business model based on performance via CPA.

Our tools

Have in your e-commerce a platform that offers various social plugin options. Engage more users and gain their buyers, increasing even more your conversion rate.

Recommend button

It is located on the product page, and it is through it that the user exposes their favorite products in the store.

Recommendation Club

A page which is powered by users’ recommendations, inside the store.

Vitrine of recommendations

It contains the latest products recommended by users, and can be on the homepage or in any other store page.


Showing who the people are, who is recommending the products, brings credibility to the store.

How do I integrate it to my e-commerce?

The integration of our platform within the e-commerce is simple and fast, not interfering in the operational running of the store. In a secure manner, we deliver prompt tool with custom widgets without requiring development of the partner staff. Within minutes of installation, users will be able to recommend their favorite products.

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