E-commerce led by people

The best recommendations are made between friends! Recommend products and services of our partner stores, and be rewarded. Win Rekpoints every sale influenced by your recommendation, collect and exchange them for several advantages.

Real people interacting

Renato Recommends

Renato is visiting one of our partner stores and liked a product. When he clicks on the recommend button, he can share it through social networks.

Learn how to recommend too

Charlote approves

Charlote doesn’t know Renato, but she has seen his recommendation in the shop’s Club and chose to recommend too.

Conrado finds out

Conrado knows Renato, and bought the product driven by his friend's recommendation on social networks.

Renato influences

In this case, Renato was the influencer, and the sale generated visits to the store. For this reason, our system will benefit him with Badges (medals) and Rekpoints (our virtual influence currency).

Consult your Rekpoints balance

There are advantages for everyone involved

Conrado found out

and purchased a product through good recommendations from a friend.

Charlote participated

and increased the chances of winning Rekpoints when recommending.

Donatello captivated

being our partner and the owner of the store that won the customer and the sale.

Dora became involved

being the owner of the store where she met Renato when he exchanged his Rekpoints for products.